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1. Make sure your bedding is fresh

Dust mites, dirt, and dead skin cells can build up over time. Don't let them be your oldest bed partners.

2. Do bed-related laundry once a week

Rule of thumb: Wash anything your body touches once a week. For other items, follow our laundry guidelines.

3. Vacuum around your bed

Did you know your curtains are dust-collecting culprits too? Keep them on your to-do list when vacuuming.

4. Practice literal sleep hygiene

Sleep hygiene here means habits and practices that keep you sleeping well. Follow these foundational tips.
Find your bedroom inspiration
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Let’s be honest: guest rooms often play second fiddle to primary bedrooms. But shouldn’t your visitors – from distant relatives to close friends – also feel at home in a comfy, cozy space?
Bedroom interior in the night
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Tech Tuckaway Nightstand DIY
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Woman adjusting air conditioner unit to create a better sleep environment for her room
Temperature makes a huge impact on sleep, so it’s important to nail the right range for your sleep setup.  
Illustration of someone kicking off their sandals before getting into bed
If you wear sandals or sweat a lot, the answer is probably yes.
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