Our Top Tips from a Year of Covering Sleep

Here’s to many more years of great sleep.

man opening box of good sleep tips

We launched Sleep.com in August, 2020, with the goal of helping Americans get better rest at night.

That task is easier said than done, at times.

After all, we debuted in the midst of a global pandemic that has caused skyrocketing anxiety — and sleeplessness — for people around the world.

We’ve worked with dozens of writers, doctors, scientists, psychologists, and our own Sleep Experts to answer your sleep questions and help you get the sleep you need to live the life you want. In short, we’ve done everything, but sleep on the job this year.

Below, we share the top tips we’ve picked up — which have helped us worked toward better, sounder sleep, plus the pieces you’ve most loved.

Thanks for a great first year, and keep dreaming.

The 12 top tips we learned from a year covering sleep

  1. Bedrooms should be dark, cool, and quiet.
  2. Good quality sleep isn't just about how long you slept.
  3. Blue light isn't as bad as you think, as long as you turn it off an hour before bed.
  4. Your wind-down routine should start hours before your actual bedtime.
  5. Journaling before bed can help you fall asleep faster.
  6. Your late-night social media habit might actually be revenge bedtime procrastination.
  7. Pillows aren’t just for your head: Tuck them under or between your knees for great sleep position support.
  8. Sleep divorces could be the key to happier relationships.
  9. An adjustable base can help you customize the perfect sleep setup.
  10. A hot bath can help you go to sleep (unless you're overheating, in which case you should take a cold shower).
  11. Sleep debt math: It can take four days to recover from one hour of lost sleep.
  12. Cleaning your room can help you sleep better.

Readers’ 10 most-viewed pages on Sleep.com:

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  10. Cooling Tricks to Help With Night Sweats and Hot Flashes 
    Waking up hot at night is a major sleep stealer, particularly for women.

Exciting news for the year ahead

There is lots more to come. We are ramping up our YouTube channel with video content to energize and inspire. For a hint of what awaits, watch a quick-turn DIY bedroom makeover, or prepare for bed with a 20-minute Pilates wind-down routine.

Stay tuned for a few other exciting announcements that will help you get better sleep.